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The Beatles Reimagined

“There is a whole audience born around 1990 that knows the Beatles, but is wholly unfamiliar with their writing,” says music executive Owen Husney. In order to solve this problem, Husney teamed with a music publisher to produce “Beatles Reimagined”, an album of Beatles songs covered by current musicians. The album comes out October 1st on Community […]

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Kevin Jenkins “Step Inside”

This man…If you have not heard of him you need to! Kevin Jenkins has played with the likes of Michael Jackson, The Police and BB King. Jenkins has also been a sideman for artists such as Cyndi Lauper, Maxwell, Enrique Iglesias and Taylor Dayne. Now if this isn’t enough to impress you then you need to […]

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The Como Brothers Band

“Its gotta be true, I’m growing on you.” The opening line to the chorus on the first track of their upcoming album “Baby Steps”. The Como Brothers Band are back with an amazing jam packed album due out October 1st to the public. All of their songs can be credited to Matt and Andrew Como. […]

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Mumford And Sons Want A Break

Mumford & Sons just played their last tour date supporting their latest album release “Babel” last night in Kansas. So far this year it has been a pretty dramatic year that has included Ted Dwane’s health scare and a few Grammys to take home. The band announced to the public that they’re ready for a long break. “There won’t be […]

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Jack Johnson “From Here to Now to You”

Jack Johnson’s sixth studio album promises the same laid back, hawaiian guitar-pickin’ surfer dude style Johnson is known for. With this album, the line between inconsequential and infuriatingly likeable has been crossed. This is, quite simply, the strongest batch of melodies the singer-songwriter has dished out in a long time. Working with an appealingly stark […]

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Keyser Soze and “The Remedy” Review

Keyser Soze, the perfect reggae jam band that will keep your ears glued to their music for hours, just released their latest album “The Remedy”. The album brings funky jazz fused reggae that promises to deliver and make you want to just get right up and dance until you cant feel your legs. The 6 […]

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What Would You Like?

We are planning some upcoming contests for future accomplishments of ours. It would help us if you let us know what kind of things you would like to see in our inventory of prizes. Tell us what you would like and we will try and get them ready to go for the next few contests.

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Guitar Guide

When you’re looking to find a new sound or a certain tone for the perfect guitar rig, it can be quite an exausting task. But, knowing the basics of whats what and how it effects you’re rig can really take off some stress. When it comes to picking guitars, I always keep two things in […]

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Robin Thicke Plans 2014 Tour

Robin Thicke has enjoyed quite the exciting and fulfilling year and to top it all of is planning to celebrate by going on tour in early 2014. Thicke’s latest album, “Blurred Lines”, has produced two huge singles. In the midst of all the success, he’s been fighting a legal battle with Marvin Gaye, who claims the song […]

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Aurganic “Deviations” Review

  If you’re a fan of artists like Muse, Massive Attack and Depeche Mode, you’re going to want to check out Aurganic. This alternative/electronic duo is comprised of long-time friends Mike and Leo. The first time the worked together was back in high school when they formed a punk rock band. As their appetite for […]

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