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Happy Halloween

We here at Coxillah would just like to take time to say happy halloween to all of our fans and followers. We will also be using this post to than everyone for their support. Within the last month we launched a Facebook page where we have had a lot of support and have gained a significant […]

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Em Drops Yet Another Single

The 4th single off Eminems upcoming album titled the “Marshall Mathers LP 2″ was released today at 4:45 pm on the radio station Shade 45 and was posted on Facebook shortly after so the world could be included in the newest tease from Eminem. The track is titled “Monster” and features Rihanna just like the […]

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Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy “Shine On” Review

“Shining On” is the debut release from funk/soul collective Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy. The band is a collaboration between vocalist/songwriter Ron Littlejohn and keyboardist/songwriter Thierry Matrat. Their band was mostly formed through the Toronto Craigslist and was shortly formed from some of the best funk and jazz musicians in the area. The individual members […]

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Sherlocks Back

According to multiple reports today PBS will be scheduling a new season of Sherlock starting in January of 2014. PBS programming chief Beth Hoppe told The Hollywood Reporter, “The Sherlock audience is a crazy loyal audience,” Hoppe added. “We certainly expect that loyal viewership back. If it grows from there, it will be gravy.” It’s […]

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Taylor Swift Releases New Song

So far we haven’t heard anything about an upcoming album from Taylor Swift but she has obviously kept busy and has just released a brand new single “Sweeter Than Fiction” which hit iTunes at midnight last night.  Nothing has changed for Swift though as this song again is about love. She collaborated with Fun. guitar […]

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Norine Braun “Coventus The Eye Of The Heart” Review

Born and raised in Vancouver, Norine Bruan gives you a sound that bridges that gap between singer-songwriter and rock and roll with her latest release “Conventus The Eye Of The Heart.” Its something that almost anyone could enjoy in any occasion. Songs like “Dizzy” have a laid back grove that you could just sit back […]

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Eminem Might Actually Be A Rap God After All

Less then 24 hours ago Mr. Mathers released yet another single for his upcoming 2013 album titled MMLP2 (Marshall Mathers LP 2) set to release in November. The track released was titled “Rap God” and we can see why. Yes… Eminem pays respect to people like Tupac, N.W.A. and others but he does give himself […]

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Eminem “Rap God” (Warning Explicit)

With the anticipation building up for the new MMLP2 Eminem is releasing to us next month we have yet another taste of a lyrically beautifully written out fuck you to the rap game. Today Eminem released “Rap God” to give us yet another taste of his upcoming album. Now so far this year Kanye has […]

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New York Times Explains Connection Between Music and Success

New York Times Explains Connection Between Music and Success   A very well written article by Joanne Lipman on how music can lead to success. By examining different politicians, businessmen and other noteworthy people Lipman provides a sort of story or an examination of how music has affected these individuals lives to make them become a […]

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Popkissed “Its A Fine Day”

To be honest at first glance and listen doesn’t seem likely to be mixed together but this group seemed to disprove that! Popkissed is made up of electronic artist/producer Robert Solheim and vocalist Lill-Ann Blauenfeldt. Together they manage to combine the two genres, placing layers of synthesizers and effects over their compositions. Its easily noticeable they […]

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