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Amazon Accidentally Released Bruce Springsteen’s Album

  Bruce Springsteen’s entire 2014 release “High Hopes”, was accidentally released on Amazon this week and has now made its way onto file sharing sites and is being pirated by people around the world. The albums official release date was supposed to be on January 17 but appeared for sale via on December 28. […]

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Alex Von Z Kickstarter Campaign

Blending rock music styles with incredible creativity and positive life messages, Alex offers a unique style with common and enjoyable threads. Integrating influences from the 1960′s to current day and layering accessible melodies and modern instrumentation, Alex Von Z pleases a broad array of musical tastes. Alex Von Z is in the process of creating […]

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New “Sherlock” Mini Episode

Even though ‘Sherlock’ is “dead” he sure does know how to make a re-entrance into our lives. Next month the BBC series is set to return on PBS and the network has released a mini episode online as a tease and to get us hyped about the return of Sherlock and Watson. The episode tracks […]

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Happy Holidays From The Coxillah Family

We here at would like to wish you all a happy holiday no matter what your denomination, religion, or practice may be. Take this time to be close to your friends and family and celebrate this past year. Rejoice and reflect on the memories and prepare to embrace the year ahead with open arms. […]

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Jimmy Fallon Takes Over SNL For Christmas

Last night, Jimmy Fallon and friend Justin Timberlake delivered a Christmas episode to an over excited crowd on SNL. Between the two and a celebrity filed line up, this was a great way for SNL to end the year. We will save all the talk about the show and just let you watch some of the skits […]

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Will Ferrell Suits Up For Anchorman Sequel But Not For Elf

Will Ferrell has recently suited up for the sequel to Anchorman after nine years. This week Ferrell had an interview with Andy Cohen on the Bravo Network and said he would “absolutely not” make another Elf. “I just think it would look slightly pathetic if I tried to squeeze back in the elf tights.” “Buddy, the middle […]

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Rick Ross and Jay Z Collaborate On “The Devil Is A Lie”

Rick Ross and Jay Z have collaborated on a single that will be featured on Ricks upcoming album “Mastermind.” The track is “The Devil is a Lie” where they throw down over a percussive back beat. “The Devil Is a Lie” is the second single off “Mastermind”, which was originally going to be released on December […]

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Justin Bieber Is Quitting Music

Everyone…its a Christmas miracle. For anyone that has good musical taste, you may have a reason to be happy. While on air with Los Angeles radio station Power 106 on Tuesday to promote his upcoming album, “Journals,” Bieber straight faced announced he is going to retire. “I’m actually … I’m retiring, man, I’m retiring. I’m just going to take some […]

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Family Guys Christmas Miracle

Did you really think Family Guy was going to permanently get rid of one of the shows most beloved characters? It turns out that the death of Brian was a message from the Family Guy staff and Seth MacFarlane. MacFarlane tweeted shortly after the new episode aired explaining the reasoning behind their decision to kill off Brian. […]

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Eminem Drops “The Monster” Music Video

  Eminem has had a great past few weeks with his latest album the “Marshall Mathers LP 2″ and hit singles such as “Berzerk,” and “Rap God.” His latest surprise and gift to the world was the official music video for the hit single “The Monster (Featuring Rihanna).” Eminem announced on his Facebook page that […]

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