A blend of two names, two backgrounds, two men, and two friends. Coxillah is made up of two friends from Michigan, Seth Cox and Sean Miller. Both have a passion for the media and if not all, most of its aspects. Coxillah was thought of by the two one day as a business plan to start a Production Company that would one day compete with the likes of Sony-Columbia and Columbia Records. Even though that may be out of the picture for now the two have their heads up high with confidence in themselves and what they stand for. Two busy college students simply cannot start a business of this magnitude over night, nor over a month or at all while they are busy plugging away at their intended degrees. Sean has a focus on music with the hopes of breaking into the industry to pursue his passion for music while Seth has his heart set on film and directing for the the big screen. Keep your eyes and ears open as the road ahead of them will be loud, bright, and extraordinary as they bring you a combination of today’s latest goods in music, film ,news, social networking, and much more.

-Sean Miller
Hey everyone, Sean Miller here. As stated above I am currently in college and will be going into my junior year this coming fall. As of now I am half undecided half kind of undecided. My freshman year I entered college as a percussion music education and performance major. I have since “changed” my major twice and have graduated with an Associates of Arts. Right now my heart is set on two things as far as my major goes which would be Journalism and Music. I do not want to forget my dream but only pursue it. My dream would entail getting into the music business and making a name for myself as a performer. In the meantime as I work towards that goal I am continuing to develop myself as a writer and a musician. I look forward to bringing you some exciting news in music and other forms of media out there waiting for us to explore. You may also want to check out my main blog over at seanenepaymiller.wordpress.com

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-Seth Cox

Hi, I’m Seth Cox, I am currently a Film Major attending Cornerstone University. Like it says above, ┬ámy Ultimate plan in life is to become a Top Notch Director in the Film Industry. Sooner or Later I will be a top Director, in the label of Coxillah Productions. I am currently a Junior in College, so there’s not much time left where I can’t be in Hollywood. So I am the Film portion of this Blog. As well, the news and social networking and part of the much more category as is my good friend Sean Miller. Like stated above, you might want to check out my other blog called Imagine Life over at sethshayuchcox.wordpress.com

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